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Cecotec Conga Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3890-4690 (4690 Ultra)

Cecotec Conga Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3890-4690 (4690 Ultra)
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Product Information

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Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga 3890 - 4690 (4690 Ultra)
Jalisco brush for removing stubborn dirt. Thanks to this brush you can vacuum up even stubborn dirt that cannot be seen at first glance
Room Plan 2.0: Room Management Select the order and cleaning mode for each room. Now more efficient and faster. Alexa Google Assistant: supports your virtual voice assistant. 3 suction levels and 10 cleaning modes
iTech Laser Eye: Intelligent navigation with laser sensor for precise and tidy route planning. It is also always aligned thanks to its optical sensors. iWater: Intelligent scrubbing with 3 water flow levels (high, medium and low). Scrubbing: floating motion simulates the human gesture of scrubbing
Interactive Multimap: plan your house for smart cleaning through areas, precise points, restrict areas up to 5 maps. APP CONTROL: Control from your smartphone: programs, performance, scrubbing and history. Virtualmap: view the map of your house from your smartphone app