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iRobot Roomba i3+ (3552), Gray/Black

iRobot Roomba i3+ (3552), Gray/Black
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POWER x10*. The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum removes stubborn dirt, debris and stains in your home using 5x the powerful suction* and 3-step cleaning system (*vs. 600 series)
💕 THE DREAM TEAM OF CLEANING. Thanks to the Connexion Imprint technology, the Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner and the Braava jet m6 floor cleaner work in tandem to vacuum, then wash the floors in a coordinated way, for complete cleaning.
2 x Anti-tangle brushes. Ideal for pet hair. The 2 exclusive multi-surface rubber brushes thoroughly clean floors. The 1st dislodges dirt and the 2nd turns in the opposite direction to lift and pick it up.
✨ DETECT AND REMOVE DUST. Dirt Detect technology allows the Roomba robot vacuum to detect particularly dirty areas of your home for deeper cleaning.
SMART NAVIGATION. The Roomba i3+ vacuum cleaner remembers your home layout and makes smart maps. Thanks to mapping, it cleans your floors thoroughly, targeted in parallel straight lines.
Recharge all by itself and resumes cleaning. When its battery is low, the Roomba i3+ robot vacuum will charge itself and pick up where it left off to quickly complete the cleaning.
FORGET THE VACUUM CLEANER FOR MONTHS. The Clean Base self-emptying system allows the Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner to empty dirt independently for up to 60 days. In addition, anti-allergenic bags retain 99% of pollen and mould.
📱 AUTOMATIC START/STOP. Set up your robot with the iRobot HOME app to start cleaning when you leave your home and stop it when you get home; and do it automatically.
Choose a piece, it cleans it! Once your Roomba i3+ robot vacuum has mapped your home, you can ask it to clean any room, at any time, whether at one on a set schedule or on demand.
VOICE AND REMOTE CONTROL. Launch your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner with a simple voice command (using Siri, Google or Alexa voice assistants.**). Or remotely via your Wi-Fi network through the iRobot HOME app.