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Leatherman LT200 Sidekick

Leatherman LT200 Sidekick
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Lawn & Patio
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Designed for maximum functionality, the Sidekick is your go-to multi-tool for all situations, long-lasting design with a strong, powerful knife allows you to do any job at home or while camping
Featuring 14 tools crafted with excellence, including needlenose pliers combined with regular pliers and a replaceable wire cutter, the sharp stainless steel 420HC Combo Knife blade resists corrosion
Leatherman multi-tools come with everything you need for all jobs around the house or for setting a campsite; including can and bottle openers, wood and metal files and large and screwdrivers
The Sidekick is small enough to fit in your pocket, work belt, or lanyard, and all features can be operated with one have, so you have the tools you need exactly when you need them
Items delivered: 1 x Leatherman Sidekick multi-tool for explorers and survivalists, 14 different tools and accessories including pliers and screwdrivers, with a nylon sheath, in stainless steel

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