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Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool
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READY FOR ANYTHING: Wave Plus is without a doubt our most popular MultiTool. We have equipped it with interchangeable cutters so that it can handle heavy work even for years to come.
FIT plus functionality: pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, smooth and wavy knives, hacksaw, scissors, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, file, screwdriver.
Let's be practical: sometimes you only have one free hand. The Wave Plus requires only one hand to open and use all tools, even those that are not accessible from the outside. And thanks to the safety locks, you can cut with peace of mind.
ALWAYS AVAILABLE: With its compact size and lightweight design, you can store your Wave Plus in your pocket and always have it when you need it.
GUARANTEED: our conditional warranty lasts 25 years and ensures that your Leatherman you will provide you with reliable service for many years. Just send it and we'll fix it. All multipurpose LEATHERMAN are manufactured and repaired by us, in the United States.

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