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Dreame D10 Plus Robot vacuum cleaner with automatic dust emptying

Dreame D10 Plus Robot vacuum cleaner with automatic dust emptying
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After each cleaning session, the D10 Plus robot automatically reverts to the 2.5 litre dust collector to quietly and accurately self-drain the collected dust
DualBoost technology effectively captures dust without clogging - thanks to two airflow webs that remove dirt, block odours and prevent clogging
The D10 Plus can accurately map the home in just 8 minutes (100m²), avoiding obstacles to efficient and efficient cleaning, especially in rooms with tightly spaced furniture. You can scan within an 8-meter radius and use LIDAR navigation and a SLAM algorithm for dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning
Through the app, you can set the robot's cleaning locations and times, and decide which stains it should avoid, voice commands allow you to start, pause or stop the robot via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integration, making automatic cleaning even more convenient
Powerful, self-regulating suction penetrates deep into carpets and cleans hard surfaces from dirt, debris, hair, animal hair and more; it is ideal for households with pets

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