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roborok S7 MaxV Ultra

roborok S7 MaxV Ultra
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Product Information

S7 Max Ultra
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Hands free cleaning technology: the suction station can empty, wash, self-dry, clean yourself and refill yourself. The new drying function dries the mop at the same time with the sink. Cleaning roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum cleaner with suction station is fully automatic, saving time and free your hands.
Enhanced cleaning performance: The S7 MAX Ultra vacuum robot with suction station has 5500Pa suction power and ultrasonic wiping system, 3000 times/min with sound vibrations, constant pressure, effectively removes stubborn stains, and the mop is raised by 5mm to prevent secondary pollution.
Avoid obstacles through reactive technology: The Roborock S7 Max Ultra can measure the distance from objects to itself using sensors to avoid potential hazards. LDS Precise Navigation plans effective cleaning paths and helps you cross your home as accurately as possible - even in darkness.
SELF CLEANING AND SELF-FILLING: The emptying station uses the latest emptying method, a 2.5 litre dust bag, and cleans up to once every 7 weeks. The vacuum and mop robot with suction station roborock S7 Max Ultra is also equipped with a separate 3-litre water tank and a 2.5-litre dirt tank, which automatically fills the water tank before cleaning.
Intelligent app: automatically detects where the robot vacuum can get stuck and suggest them as forbidden areas. You can also draw invisible walls in the roborock app to prevent some areas being cleaned. With 3D maps, you can build your home virtually with details like furniture to get a correct map and ensure you get the best cleaning possible.

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